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Welcome to jackson_daily, a community dedicated to posting images, video clips and other media things related to actor/musician Jackson Rathbone.

Don't forget to check out 100 Monkeys, a band which Jackson is apart of with fellow friends Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson and Jerad Anderson. Their all improv album, Monster De Lux, is out on Itunes and Amazon. Two more are set to be released later this year!

r u l e s.

- When posting images, please place them behind a lj-cut. Don't know how, visit this page to learn it.

- Icons & graphics are a-okay just as long as they feature Jackson and are placed behind a lj-cut. Up to 4 preview icons are allowed.

- If posting news, be sure to state the source of the article/news. It's common courtesy.

- Tag your post with the appropriate tag.

- Make sure to lock up your entry.

- Finally, no bashing of Mr. Rathbone please. Why else would you be a member?
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