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17 August 2009 @ 08:56 pm
Hi everyone! Just a quick post to let you all know i've opened a Jackson Rathbone icon community, rathbone_icons , check it out and join if your interested!
15 December 2008 @ 07:40 pm
01-06 Cam Gigandet
07-15 Jackson Rathbone (+1 wallpaper, 1 banner)
16-26 Stock (+ 1 banner)


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14 December 2008 @ 02:22 pm

Alrighty! Here's the few icons I made this morning.

Hope you guys enjoy them =]

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14 December 2008 @ 01:38 pm
I have some icons but Im spacing on how I would make a cut and post them lol...I havent used LJ in a few years to be honest. Help please....

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09 December 2008 @ 05:47 pm
You probably already know this, but they have on IMDB an official page for New Moon, and Jackson is officially signed on.

If you want to see the page -> New Moon

30 November 2008 @ 05:38 pm
Just to show you... i've made GIFs but the quality is very VERY bad!!  ^^ credit if you take...

x 17 GIFs : Twilight + VN PhotoShoot + Interviews (so, mainly with Ashley Greene...)

warning : MOVIE spoilers
teaser :

09 November 2008 @ 08:19 pm
my darlings i have great news! (especially when you live in belgium like me)
VTM is airing Beautiful people with jakcson rathbone *drops dead*
so every sunday a healhty dose of JR
we love TV!!!!!
greetz Eline xxx
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11 October 2008 @ 09:20 pm
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